Knife making Class
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I stacked up a bunch of billets in my shop for the students

And put handles on them


Frank's work was very precise








Watch this guy.
You'll see his work on the cover of
Blade Magazine some day. 


Paul's work was a piece of jewelry 





Mark is a skilled hammer man 






I was so pleased when I saw Roberto's name on the class roster. He is such a great artist and a good friend.







Mark was pleased with the outcome of this difficult cast. 


Everyone did some great casting




These guys are serious about knives. 

Ron & Corry






Wednesday evening it was my turn to give a small demonstration to all who attended Touchstone that week.


Just some of the Beautiful work the students did. 

Dave Lint's knife 


Friday evening was a wine and cheese "Show & Tell" for everyone at Touchstone that week.
A chance for everyone to show what they've been doing all week.
There was Blown Glass, Pottery, Paintings, Felt, & Jewelry
They were firing the wood burning kiln so we all gathered there as it had to be feed for 24 hours.



Cool Boots 

Julianne was always busy making stuff and in the end surprised me with this great looking leaf blade.







Thanks Jim


No No

You were a Great class!