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Akron Ohio

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Cleaning and painting of the gate.
After the repairs were made Stan Hywet planed to have volunteers clean and paint the gates.
On hearing this I suggested that the local blacksmith association be given the opportunity to do the work. Who could appreciate the great piece of ironwork they were working on.
And get a chance to examine it up close.

Paint day started out wet but we had a great turnout of members from the Western Reserve Artists Blacksmiths Association.  

We had a lot of wire brushing ahead of us that day. 


Note how the gates had a silver look to them after brushing.
That is because the previous paint had graphite added to it.

You can see the grain of the wrought iron.
This paint held up pretty good for 20 years with little maintenance.


Time to paint!!

What a difference...
We all came away with a much better understanding of the skill of the craftsmen in the Yellin shop
and what it takes to make such a quality piece.

A special Thanks to the Western Reserve Artist-Blacksmiths Association. And all who showed up that day.

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(5) Paint day   (6) News Video

 I would like to thank the following people for their assistance
Art Wolf
Clare Yellin
Marty Reisig
Kevin Keener
Larry Baker of
Channel 23 News
Lee Palencar & Shirley Ware
of The Gazette
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